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Yosvani Caisés


Precision in drawing, the excellent handling of pigments and an intelligent and humanistic approach to modernity are characteristic of the work of Yovani Caisés Almaguer (Holguín, 1974), an artist who has achieved a unique harmony between academics, experience and inspiration.

Caisés studied at the Vocational and Professional School of Fine Arts in his native Holguín, where he graduated in Painting, Drawing, Engraving, Photography and Sculpture in 1994.

Caisés leaned first towards sacred art, then ancient art. As he continued, he began to move to a more personal space, reinventing characters, and making models of everyday life and commonplace activities, all symbolizing, a spectrum of emotions.

In the challenging search for his own path in art, Caisés found solutions that gave a twist to his work and lead to a new mix of neo-figurative and abstract art. 


After a 3-month trip to New York City several years ago, Yosvani completely changed his art. This body of work is a result of those experiences. Cuba is a county isolated from the rest of the world, a county were time stood still. Little information about technological advances or modern culture ever reached the Cuban people. He said that seeing contemporary art in New York had a major influence on his work. Yosvani observed that in New York City he saw TV sets in the garbage that were much better than the TV sets in Cuban homes, where a TV set is kept for decades. He realized that how people see the importance of things, depend on their ability to get them. Consequently modern technology and how human beings relate to it began to occupy space in the painter’s work, in a peculiar mixture of expressionism and figurative art.



Born in 1974 Holguín, Cuba

Lives and works in Havana



1988 Escuela Vocacional de Artes Plásticas, Holguín, Cuba.

1994 Escuela Profesional de Artes Plásticas, Holguín, Cuba.




Provocaciones. Centro de Arte en La Havana, Cuba



“Trip To Cuba” at Ricart Gallery, Miami, USA



“Sembrador de Esperanza”. Galería Casa Guayasamín. La Habana, Cuba.

“El Restaurador de la Inocencia”. Galería Espacio 304. San Juan, Puerto Rico.



Exposición Personal. Museo las Américas, Puerto Rico.



“La Ciudad de los Puntuales”. Galería del Hotel Las Brisas in Guardalavaca, Holguín. Cuba



“La Isla en Peso”. Casa de la Prensa, Holguín. Cuba



“La Isla del Tesoro”. Casa de la Prensa, Holguín. Cuba



“Vía Crucis”. Catedral San Isidoro, Holguín.

“Marinero en tierra”. Centro Provincial de Arte, Holguín.

“De Pescadores, Travesía y Mercaderes”. Casa Iberoamericana, Holguín.


Catedral San Isidoro, Holguín, Cuba.

Private collections in Dominican Republic , United States, Puerto Rico, Germany, France Mexico and Canada.



2002 Premio Salón Provincial de Artes Plásticas, Holguín. Cuba.

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