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Patrick Smith


Patrick was born in 1986 in Arlington, Virginia, and raised in New Jersey. He paints at home for his self, cult following, and for those born after his life ends.


According to Patrick, “Painting has taken me from one end of the earth to the other, literally and metaphorically. It will continue to do so. I believe that paintings may have a much longer life than the artists who make them. It’s a dizzying thought to imagine these things floating around for a few centuries, maybe being owned by some family who can’t quite imagine what life in 2021 really felt like. In this sense, when I paint it’s my opportunity to communicate with the future. This is a highly uncertain task, but it’s also dreamy and wondrous in a way I can’t resist.


There is a quote from Russian dissident artist/writer, Nikita Petrov that I like to think could have been written about my work: ”Your paintings seem to me like portals into a different reality, a social reality and I just assumed that reality is yours.”

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