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George Hrycun


George Hrycun is fascinated by the obscure and the quotidian. Ripped and curled paper, splattered mud on a car, air pockets trapped under a sheet of paper floating on water, leafless trees silhouetted at sunset, shadows on a staircase wall, and a song’s phrasing are just a few sources integral to his ideas and compositions.


Hrycun’s work is often described as abstract and figurative. He does not shy away from these formal labels. Processing representation through a microscopic lens, he combines images and surfaces on a picture plane to create the illusion of an imagined, three-dimensional space. Objects and atmospheres are drawn with accuracy and precision. Much like an Indian miniature painting, Hrycun’s attention to details, command of drawing materials, and skills as a draftsman draw us in and compel us to look, closely.

George Hrycun was born in Niagara Falls, NY and currently lives and works in Scio, NY. His work has been exhibited throughout the country in various venues, most notably OK Harris Gallery in New York. He is a recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship grant in drawing. His work is in the collections of Malcolm Forbes, William Gates, Ivan and Marilyn Karp, Atlantic Richfield Corp. and others.

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