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Denise Mucci Furnish


Denise Furnish was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She has a BA from the University of Kentucky and a BFA and MA from the University of Louisville. She has backgrounds in quilt restoration, painting, surface design and graphic design. Her work has been exhibited internationally and has won awardsin national exhibitions. 


Completed in 2020, Furnish’s exhibition showcases a practice she has continued to develop since 1980 but which takes on new meaning during the pandemic and unprecedented political unrest. 


Furnish’s exhibition represents an interesting case study in how an artist’s environment may transform a creative process. Furnish is forced to reckon with the state of our world today and its continued struggle with gender inequality evident both in the aftermath of the pandemic and in our governing body. Furnish’s quilts, discarded, recontextualized, and altogether transformed ask us how we may proceed into the future, having only the scraps of what once was. For Furnish, these inherited remains are not useless memorial objects but are an opportunity to make something new, beautiful, and meaningful. 

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