Deborah Whistler


Deborah Whistler received her BFA from Miami University in 1981 and her MFA with a concentration in printmaking from the University of Cincinnati in 1996. She has taught a several different Universities and is currently the Program director of art at Spalding University.

She was born in Middletown OH and was raised in a small farming community outside of Oxford OH. Growing up, Deb was fascinated with fairy tales, make believe, and the fossils and arrow heads she found along the Miami Valley creek bed near her home. When Deb was young she would set out every day with her brother to embark on great imaginative adventures along the creek and in the woods stopping from time to time to create art out of materials found in nature and to eat peanut butter sandwiches under a giant oak tree. Clay sculptures and imprint drawings from the creek, leaves and sticks, dirt drawings, and shadow drawings, all of which were temporary became part of those adventures where gender was not an issue when it came to saving the day and making the world around them a better place. These early childhood interests and adventures are the catalyst for her conceptual work as an adult.

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