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Adam Shulman



Adam Shulman was born and raised in Nashville, TN. He is a board-certified medical physicist as well as a medical philanthropist, having completed his training at Vanderbilt University. He has spent 8 years working in and out of Africa donating medical equipment and training local medical professionals on modern cancer treatment techniques through the NGO Radiating Hope. Adam has lived in Dakar, Senegal with his Senegalese wife Adama, training medical staff, and just recently completed a year of medical training in Accra, Ghana.


Adam has a strong connection to the continent of Africa. Married to a Senegalese model, and living between the Middle East, West Africa, and NYC, he has immersed himself in West African, Middle Eastern, and NYC culture and fashion. As a self-taught photographer, Adam has pursued both digital and film media, and has shot everything from Arizona landscapes to NYC fashion photography.


Adam's collection, entitled "Gold of Africa", metaphorically represents the gold of Africa as being the people and the land, and not gold itself. Showcasing beautiful African bodies covered in what appears to be golden, cracked, desert earth, each model captivates the viewer with overwhelming power and beauty. The mass of an entire continent lies behind their eyes or under the contours of each muscle or shadow. The gold seems to be a suffocating barrier at times, yet also somehow extension of each model's body and soul.

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