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Matthew Metzger

Ochres to Lapis Lazuli.jpg
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Matthew is an artist, designer and furniture maker. In his most recent series of paintings he mixes his own paints using natural materials such as limestone, marble, slate, iron, titanium, clays and minerals combined with oils and egg, transforming them into sensorial, abstract images of light, atmosphere and landscape. This combination of raw and natural materials with ethereality and atmosphere presents a tension between materiality and illusion. In this series Metzger continues to explore other tensions and opposites that have marked his past work, like movement and stillness, presence and the void, and transience and permanence. 


Metzger’s furniture designs embody a quiet yet dramatic presence and speak of the strength of such enduring influences as American modernism and Danish design, but are distinguished by his interpretation of understated beauty, combined materials, and contemporary forms.


Based in Cincinnati, Ohio and working with limited machinery, Metzger sources woods from local millers, fashions his metals in local foundries, and develops his own acid patinas, bleaches, and charring techniques

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