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Tiffany Calvert


Tiffany Calvert brings a modern approach to classical painting: painting on top of large-scale digital prints, she uses a combination of oil paint and digital editing to create stunning compositions that are fragmented and obscured, echoing not only the 17thcentury Dutch still-life painters but also Cezanne and the Impressionists. 


“Semper Augustus" is the name of the most prized of the Dutch tulips. Its striped crimson and red coloring was so coveted that at one point in the 17th century a single bulb cost as much as a house. Their coloring is "broken" (scarlet stripes split over a pure white background) which is achieved by deliberately encouraging a virus, which disrupts the development of color. Semper Augustus tulips are in many floral still life paintings from the time but were so rare that many painters may never have seen one in person. It's a fascinating story and one that led to a dramatic economic crash of the Dutch economy in 1637. Tiffany sees an interesting crossover with computer viruses and the corrupted “glitched" data of her paintings.