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Andy Harding



My work engages in a dialog between materials and concepts. My process entails drawing, coloring, cutting, shaping, and layering disparate materials into harmonious compositions. Geometric and organic shapes combine within these compositions to explore the dynamic cycle of order and entropy that bears witness to both the emergence of form and its dissolution in the multifaceted processes that make up the natural world.  My finished pieces call to mind scientific diagrams, natural forms and even abstracted figures in their wriggling, writhing shapes.  Living beings, materials, ideas, and forces all occupy distinct positions in the grand web of relations, yet nothing is static.  In essence, this work is a reflection or a meditation on both the interrelatedness and the unique singularity of all things.


Andy Harding studied chemistry and physics in college with the intentions of pursuing a career in the sciences. It wasn't until his senior year that he discovered a keen interest in art while enrolled in an elective 3D design course. Since then, Harding has been a dedicated artist creating wood and metal sculpture, mixed media installations, artist books, and collage. Harding was an artist in residence at Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN from 2000 to 2005. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows at Tinney Contemporary, Zeitgeist Gallery, Nashville Public Library, San Diego Art Institute, Kingston Gallery, Boston, MA, and Art Chicago. After living and working in Chicago for six years, Harding has recently made Nashville his home base once again.




Ghost Structures, Leu Gallery, Belmont University, Nashville, TN


The Cygnus Loop, Tinney Contemporary, Nashville, TN


Simultaneity, Nashville International Airport Nashville, TN


Follicle Stimulation and the Multiverse, The Bank Gallery Nashville, TN


Symmetry Breaking Being, Twist Art Gallery Nashville, TN


Gnathonemus Petersii, Gallery 400, with David Moré Chicago, IL


Art Chicago, Zeitgeist Gallery Chicago, IL


Being Under Way, Zeitgeist Gallery Nashville, TN


New Art '04, Kingston Gallery Boston, MA 

​47th International Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute San Diego, CA


Flux, Zeitgeist Gallery Nashville, TN 

Untitled, Group Exhibition Nashville, TN 

Icons and Idols, D.I.G. Conference, Downtown Presbyterian Church (D.P.C.) Nashville, TN



Out of Our Minds, Zeitgeist Gallery Nashville, TN 

Switchyard III, Zeitgeist Gallery Nashville, TN 

Incarnation and Risk, D.I.G. Conference, D.P.C. Nashville, TN


Fest de Ville, Tennessee Performing Arts Center Nashville, TN 

J. Andrew Harding, Belle Meade Plantation Gallery Nashville, TN 

Suspended Belief, Montana Streets Nashville, TN 

Artclectic, University School of Nashville, Nashville, TN


Communion, Studio Exhibit Nashville, TN 

Suffering and Hope, D.I.G. Conference, D.P.C. Nashville, TN



Bill Barkley, Nashville, TN

Janice and Manuel Zeitlin, Nashville, TN

Tom Wills, Nashville, TN

Mark Tucker, Nashville, TN

Barry Holt, Nashville, TN

Will Hendricks, Nashville, TN

Lanie Gannon and Rob Ogilvie, Nashville, TN

Belcourt Theater, Nashville, TN

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